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One Less Opening as Griz Find Their Coach

The Memphis coaching search is complete, as the Grizzlies will announce Mark Iavaroni as their new head coach tomorrow. With the appeal of the Phoenix Suns' style of play, Iavaroni was projected to be a hot commodity on the open coaching market. Those projections came true as he was quickly snatched up by the Griz.

It doesn't appear that Iavaroni was given any consideration by the Pacers. Either that or Iavaroni didn't want to consider the Pacers' open position. Unless they texted each other secretly, Larry Joe Legend and Iavaroni never discussed the job. Sure the Suns' style of play would never work with the current roster, but Iavaroni would've signaled a complete culture change within the organization. Decisions would then have to be made to remold the roster to fit a new style of play. May not have been pretty at first, but the journey would've been interesting and in the end worth a shot. Hopefully the Pacers don't regret not taking the chance.