A trade idea

[UPDATE: pookeyguru spends most of his time over at Sactown Royalty but his flavorful hoop thoughts over here with a trade scenario I contemplated this weekend myself. What do you think?]

I know this will seem outta Left Field so if it's disorienting I can see that.
Indiana's salary structure
is here. Boston's is

as well. This is where all salary information will be coming from. If there is any beef with that and want alternate information to be considered let me know. I will take it into account, and if necessary, alter this diary.

This is the trade I think Indy should consider. Jermaine O'neal Jamaal Tinsle for Theo Ratliff,Wally Szczerbiak,Rajon Rondo and the 5th pick.

Obviously there are both sides to this deal. I think boston is quite a bit closer to winning on the horizon than Indiana is. Every once awhile, I think seattle is in a very similar situation, a team has to have the guts to tear it down and not worry about their fans thinking trading is about equal value. I repeat, trades are not about equal value. They should be about moving a franchise in a positive direction, as Cornrows has recently said about the Murphy/Dunleavy deal, or at the very least intimated. Here is the breakdown for each side.

Boston gets: A multiple time all star in JO
A good solid PG who can get guys the ball and is better without having to shoot it 20 times a game. That's something I do believe JO and PP can take care of.
The side benefit of this is that I think JO and JT will get that fresh start they both need. It's been rumored that JO would prefer LA or NY but that's not realistic in either case. The needs of the pacers and celtics would be better off doing this deal. Especially since I can't imagine anyone will to take on Paul Pierce. Honestly with the other young talent Danny Ainge has why shouldn't Boston consider this?

For Indiana here's the deal. Wally's contract expires in 2009. That's some cap room for a young team at some point. Ratliff expires at the end of this upcoming 07-08 season. Also with Rondo plus that 5th pick gives the pacers some reasonable chance to get in a deep draft.

This is a side note: I think Indiana should try and trade Danny Granger for say Charlotte's 22nd pick. If granger isn't quite the stud or what Indy would have liked from it may be appropriate to move on and find whatever SF, shawne williams, or otherwise to fill that hole in the future.

Anyway this is my idea. Try to remember a couple of things. I do, despite what some may think sometimes, try to make deals that both make sense for both teams. I try to make every deal work under the salary cap (this is about virtually even...Boston I think takes on a half mil of extra salary..whoopty doo)and try to give valid reasons for each side. Trades are really hard to make and people often jump to conclusions (this jack/harrington trade for instance) and don't really think the entire implications of them through. Anyway if you've gone down here to this point thanks for reading this thing!