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Boylan Backers Say He's Ready

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Bulls assistant, Jim Boylan had a solid interview earlier in the week and is expected back for round two. Mark Montieth takes a closer look at Boylan by talking to his current and former boss. Scott Skiles has been pumping up Boylan's candidacy for a couple weeks. Nothing has changed now the Boylan has interviewed.

"He's creative offensively and he's got a nice way with the players," said Skiles, who led Plymouth High School to the 1982 state championship. "He's going to have a good rapport without (being soft). I think he's ready to be a head coach."
Sounds good to me, as long as when he's tough he's consistent with players 1-15 on the roster. Carlisle's sliding scale of discipline over the years played a big factor in his ultimate firing.

Boylan had a stint coaching with Jud Heathcoate at Michigan State.
Boylan did not know Heathcote when he applied for a job on his staff, but got it after an impressive interview.

"He's a hard worker, he understands the game and he has a great sense of humor," Heathcote said. "I always say in the stressful profession of coaching, you need to be able to laugh at situations, including yourself."
Boylan is trying to repeat history, this time as a relatively unknown NBA coaching commodity, he's trying to interview his way into the top job with the Pacers.

We also learn that the Pacers plan to interview Lakers' assistant Kurt Rambis. You might want to start looking for some throwback horn rim glasses just in case.

I'm off for a little Memorial Day fun nowhere near a computer, so I'm sure the Pacers will hire a coach or make a big trade while I'm incommunicado.