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Poof! Pacers Draft Pick Disappears

The Pacers are officially without a pick in the talented and deep 2007 NBA draft. They needed a magic ping pong ball to pop up in the top three spots. Poof! Instead they have a disappearing draft pick that is now in Atlanta.

Well, with this phase of the off-season over it is time to stop dreaming and deal with the grind of improving a middle of the road Eastern Conference team. A coach would be nice and we all know Stan Van Gundy is the rumored choice. Bulls assistant Jim Boylan is reported to be interviewing with the Pacers some time this week. Could he be the solid assistant ready to take advantage fo an opportunity? I'm game.

Then there is the personnel puzzle. Who will stay? Who will go? Can they get a pick in this draft? Time to move on to the next phase of the off-season. Should be interesting.