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Draft Lottery Subplot to Root For

Fourteen months ago I watched Greg Oden and Mike Conley, Jr. march to their third consecutive Class 4A state title. They then teamed up to lead an incredible NCAA Tourney run for Ohio State. I'd love to see them end up on the same NBA team and thanks to their home town NBA team there's a decent chance it could happen.

See, if the Pacers don't move up in the draft, then their 11th pick goes to Atlanta. No one would be shocked to see Mike Conley, Jr. go to the Hawks at that spot. Then if the Hawks win the top pick in the lottery, they hold onto their pick that would otherwise go to Phoenix. So, with the top pick and the 11th pick Atlanta may have a shot at both Oden and Conley.

As painful as it would be to see the Hawks use the Pacers pick for Conley, seeing him matched up with Oden again would ease the pain a little.