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Indy Waiting for Miracles on Tuesday

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Larry Joe Legend and Media Reations Director, David Benner, will represent the Pacers Tuesday night at the NBA Draft. With a mere 2.9 percent chance of jumping up in the top three draft positions, even the optimistic outlook of LJL has to be hoping for a miracle ping pong ball.

Meanwhile, in Nashville, the city and Colts are hoping to beat out Dallas and Phoenix in a bid to host the 2011 Super Bowl. Can you imagine a top pick for the Pacers and the Super Bowl in one day? Neither can I. Actually, I know the city could handle the Super Bowl as well as any city, so those odds are far better, yet still hard to fathom.

As for the Pacers, I heard David Benner discussing the lottery this afternoon on the radio. He will witness the actual ping pong ball picks for the lottery about an hour before the results are announced. He and the other team representatives will be on lockdown until the results are broadcast to make sure there are no leaks. Benner wasn't putting up much of a positive facade, realizing the deck, or I guess the barrell of ping pong balls, is stacked against them.

I'm sticking with the LJL positive outlook. It's like holding a Powerball ticket before the drawing and day dreaming about realizing you won. Ahh, such pleasant thoughts of impact players with huge upside. When you're waiting on a miracle it is fun to dream. I'll deal with reality tomorrow when it hits.