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Larry Joe Legend Planning on Lottery Luck

Remember when Larry Joe Legend entered the locker room before the three-point shootout at the 1986 All-Star and asked "Who's playing for second place?" Everyone in the room knew who was going to win, no one moreso than LJL. Well, it appears LJL is tapping into his power of positive thinking once again. Bruno reviews the Pacers' painful past lottery experiences which includes a quote from Donnie Walsh about LJL's positive outloook for a top three pick this year.

Though his franchise has been teased and tortured by the fickle finger of fate so often in his tenure, Walsh is once again optimistic about Tuesday night (7:30, ESPN).

"Without a doubt," he said. "In fact, I'm in the Larry Bird school of positive thought. He absolutely thinks he's going to win it and I don't see any percentage in not thinking that way. So, we already have the picks picked."
So the front office is ready for a top three pick in the draft, huh? That's nice, but I hope they have some solid plans for the more likely scenario of getting bupkis out of the draft. Too bad the teams can't shoot for the pick.