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Conundrum of Stephen Jackson Exposed in Bay Area

I've heard and read several times over the past few months how Golden State and their fans were just happy to rid themselves of Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy regardless of what players came back in the trade. Now that they've seen how Stephen Jackson reacts to adversity, maybe they now understand how the Pacers and their fans feel the exact same way about unloading Jack.

A couple of articles (here and here), take a look ahead and think Jack may be a problem, especially if he doesn't feel the need to change his ways.

I'll say it again. Jack is streaky, but when he's going good he's incredible both as a player on the court and a teammate. When things start to turn against him, though, Bad Jack pops up and ends up making things worse. Maybe THIS offseason he'll mature and come back a better all-around player battling through the good and the bad. Maybe. At least the Pacers don't have to cling to that hope this year.