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The Right Coach May Be Found In the Wrong Place

Mark Montieth breaks down the science of picking a successful NBA head coach. Kind of backs up my thoughts from yesterday, not so much the coach but the players the coach is coaching.

Is Phil Jackson THE Phil Jackson without Michael Jordan, Shaq and Kobe? Is Gregg Popovich THE Gregg Poppovich without David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Is Jerry Sloan THE Jerry Sloan without Stockton and Malone (maybe)? Is Pat Riley THE Pat Riley without Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dwyane Wade and Shaq?

Looking at how the coaches listed above prepped for their shot at NBA coaching mortality suggests lookikng off the beaten path for a coach may be the way to go.

So who do the Pacers hire?

Maybe Pomona-Pitzer has a coach who once experimented with LSD, worked on the school's broadcast crew and has been fired a time or two.

Perfect, right?