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Pacers Need a New Leader Running the Show

While watching the NBA playoffs it is painfully obvious that the Pacers need new leadership. And I'm not talking about a new head coach. Let's face it, the next Pacers coach will need some roster changes in order to find much success. The leader they need is on the floor running the show, controlling the tempo, breaking down defenses to create easy buckets for the team.  Look at the remaining teams and they all have a point guard that does just that.

Steve Nash and Tony Parker are staging a great battle in their playoff series. Chauncey Billups and Kirk Hinrich always play a key role in their team's Ws. LeBron plays point superstar for the Cavs which proves if you don't have a high quality point guard you better have one of the elite talents in the game to make up for it. Jason Kidd is Jason Kidd and no matter how many miles he has on him, he can't help but lead his team in the playoffs. Then there's Baron Davis and Deron Williams seizing their first true playoff experience.

Needless to say, the Pacers don't measure up and they need to find a way to bring in a PG that gives consistent effort and leadership on  the floor. Jamaal Tinsley can bring incredible PG skill to the table, but he's failed to perform consistently. He's also one of the quietest PGs in the league, hardly a floor general leading the team.

Unfortunately, the Hawks might take the perfect future PG in Mike Conley with the Pacers pick. That means the Pacers will probably have to take a risk on a young player like Jordan Farmar or Earl Watson and hope they develop into the type of PG and leader that can propel a team to the playoffs. The Pacers don't have much flexibility but if J.O. is dealt, bringing back the future floor leader in the deal would be the right move.