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Keeping an Eye on the Raptors

The Pacers continue waiting for the Raptors-Nets series to end. Somehow the Raptors extended the series Tuesday night despite Sam Mitchell's coaching deficiencies and the fact that they lost their point guard, T.J. Ford, in the first quarter. Vince Carter had a chance to stick it to the Raps' fans but came out like a shrinky dink at the end of regulation. Down two with the ball in his hands, I expected VC to create a game-winning 3-ball attempt. Instead he tried to drive, lost control of the ball and had to dish it to an ice cold Boston Nachbar who ended the game with a clank.

For your Coach Mitchell news of the day, according to this Detroit News item from Chris McCosky, Toronto's GM Bryan Colangelo is hoping Sam Mitchell gets an offer from the Pacers or Charlotte Bobcats. Either one would be fine with him so isn't stuck deciding between extending a coach he'd rather not keep or firing the NBA Coach of the Year in order to bring in Mark Iavaroni, who has never been a head coach.

On local radio tonight, JMV brought up a foul scenario. Let's say Mitchell gets comparable offers from the Pacers and Bobcats and decides to go to Charlotte. That would be a serious kick in the organization's family jewels and further emphasize the mess piled up down at the Fieldhouse.