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Tinsley Needs a Book to Read the Kids

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The Pacers are involved in a new program with the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library named Call-A-Pacer. Here's the information as described on their web site.

Hear a story read by a member of your Indiana Pacers and visit your local library to pickup your free pre-autographed photocard of the featured reader and enter your name to win a free book!

275-4444:  a free phone call - seven days a week 24 hours a day, sponsored by (AT&T).

Nearly every Pacer on the roster, plus coach Chuck Person, is scheduled to have their reading available for a week. One Pacer not included in the program is Jamaal Tinsley. God forbid he take advantage of an easy opportunity for some positive public relataions. Maybe Tins had a hard time deciding which children's book he'd like to read. As a father of two boys under six, I'd be happy to offer some suggestions. In fact, this book is one of my favorites to read and would be perfect for Tins, considering his recent suspension. Any other ideas out there?