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Open Game Thread: Pacers vs. Celtics

The Pacers return home with a little momentum as they prepare to take on the Boston Celtics tonight. An incredible second half shooting performance last night, on the road no less, needs to carry through for another night to keep the playoff fires burning.

Hopefully, the Pacers won't look to closely at their opponent tonight and relax. The Celts are in a world of hurt right now and the Pacers are often far to kind to a wounded team they should pound. No, the Pacers aren't fully healthy but look at the C's box score from last night's game against Miami. Here are the highlights:

  • Al Jefferson: DNP-Bruised Left Knee
  • Paul Pierce: DNP-Sore Left Elbow
  • Brian Scalabrine: DNP-Strained Left Hammy
  • Wally Szczerbiak: DNP-Left Ankle Sprain
  • Delonte West: DNP-Sprained Left Ankle

To put it kindly, the Celts have a shell of an NBA roster playing right now. A couple of those DNPs may end up on the court tonight but they're all questionable at best. Considering the Pacers are playing for their playoff lives and the Celtics aren't really concerned with winning at this point, there is no reason the Pacers shouldn't bring a solid effort and continue to pressure the Orlando Magic with another win.