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Marquis Daniels Health Impacts Pacers W-L Record

Bruno's latest Caught in the Web post puts to rest any hope of Marquis Daniels returning before the season ends. Quis really showed what he could do shortly after the trade, but when the knee shut him down his value was even more apparent in the losses that started to mount.

The off-court problems are troublesome and because of that not many fans are willing to admit that having Quis in street clothes for the stretch run of the season has been a vital reason why the Pacers probably won't make the playoffs for the first time in ten years. Other nagging injuries to J.O. and Tinsley have contributed mightily as well, but Quis was a matchup problem for other teams. With an unorthodox style of getting to the hoop and a solid mid-range game, teams were forced to account for him on defense.

When looking for reasons why the Pacers are a sub-.500 team, just look at the number of games missed by key contributors this season, and  don't forget what a key role Marquis Daniels was playing before his season ended early.