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Carlisle's Rumored Move Somthing to Ponder

Here's a rumor that would be a win-win for everyone involved. Mike Monroe speculates on coaching movement around the NBA. He's offering 4-1 odds that Rick Carlisle will leave the Pacers to take over in Seattle after Bob Hill is fired at the end of the season. Again, this is rumored speculation which makes it fair game to day dream about without worrying about the logistics needed to make it a reality.

First of all, the Supersonics are my boyhood team so I would be happy to see Carlisle get a fresh start in Seattle and help rebuild the Supes. See, I don't think Carlisle is a bad coach I just think his time with the Pacers is up and players, coaches, and GMs alike need a fresh start with a new leader on the bench. Often the coaching change speculation leads to Larry Joe Legend's friendship with RC and the fact he wouldn't fire him or would at least have him (RC) join LJL in the front office. The latter situation would be preferred but unless the coach and RC have solid relationship I think RC needs to leave the franchise completely. I could see him staying around for someone like a Mark Jackson, but there wouldn't be too many other candidates that could make it work. It wouldn't be fair to the new coach.

If Carlisle is able to move on to another franchise in a head coaching role, no less, then the Pacers franchise from owners to front office to players can move on, as well without having to go through a messy firing or re-assignment.

A clean break for all involved? Now that's something to day dream about.