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Open Game Thread: Pacers vs. Pistons

The Pacers head into tonight's game against the Pistons nestled precariously in no man's land, where nothing positive will happen. At 1.5 games behind Orlando, the Pacers are currently outside of the eight spot in the East needed to qualify for the playoffs. Detroit isn't exactly a team the Pacers can use to make up ground on the field either.

The Pacers are also one game behind Minnesota and New York both of whom are tied for the tenth worst record in the league and the key position for the Pacers to get their draft pick back from Atlanta this year. Free falling past two teams won't be easy since the schedule lightens up after the Pistons leave town. The Pacers haven't made any breaks for themselves all year so it wouldn't be surprising to see them end up with say the 13th worst record, out of the playoffs, and with no draft picks. That my friends, leaves the front office few options but to seek and destroy the roster in order to reset the foundation. Regardless, of where they end up, resetting the foundations sounds good.

Sounds like J.O. will be out tonight, so I have about the same hope for a W as I did against the Spurs. That feeling seemed to work out well for the Pacers, so I'll hold off on posting that 'L' until they actually play the game.