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Another Peek at Warriors-Pacers Trade

Mark Montieth took a fresh look at the Warriors-Pacers trade and has some interesting observations. Basically, the perception that the trade put the Warriors in the playoffs and kept the Pacers out is a far too simplistic view. The Dubs are smokin' hot but Jack is the only major contributor of the ex-Pacers.

Al Harrington, meanwhile, hit just 1-of-8 shots and scored five points in 28 minutes. This follows a 3-of-14, seven-point outing in Game 1, which continues a disturbing trend.

Harrington, lovable as he is, has a history of struggling in playoff games. He averaged 7 points on 37 percent shooting in three seasons of postseason appearances with the Pacers. He's now shooting 35 percent from the field in 27 career postseason games, with 22 assists and 41 turnovers.

This was posted after Game 2 of the Warriors-Mavs series. In Game 3, the Warriors won in a blow out, but Al only played 14 minutes.

The irony of the trade is that when Larry Joe Legend first arrived in the front office he mentioned his dream scenario would be to assemble a team of interchangeable players that were athletic and could play any position or defend anyone on the other team if matched up. At the time Jonathan Bender, Ron Artest, and Al Harrington looked to fit that profile but they didn't end up being players to build around.

So, now the Pacers are starting over with Danny Granger and Shawne Williams, even Mike Dunleavy (except for that defensive part). But look at the Warriors. They are putting LJL's theory to the test right now with their smaller, more athletic line up that can get easy buckets and still rebound. Oh, and it is fun and exciting to watch. Keep the dream alive, LJL!