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Coaching Speculation Off and Running

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Here is a quick look at coaches to consider for the Pacers. I'm still partial to Mark Jackson at this point despite the lack of interest he expressed yesterday on the Dan Patrick Show. Next in line would be Sam Mitchell.

According to Kravitz, Bird is looking for someone to hold players accountable.

"Do you want the next coach to be the kind who will put a boot up the players' butt?'' I asked team president Larry Bird, oh-so-indelicately.

He answered quickly.

"Boy, I hope so,'' he said. "I talked to each player (Monday) and told them, without even knowing what we were doing with Rick, I don't like a lot of the things I'm hearing, a lot of the things I'm seeing, and they're going to be held accountable for everything -- whether it's suspensions or heavy fines. And it's amazing: Each one of them agreed with me."
Sounds like the players are up for stronger hand, as well. Consistency with players 1 through 15 is key, and the clean slate of a new coach gives the Pacers a chance to establish that standard across all levels of the organization.