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Assistant Coach May Be Worth the Gamble

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Larry Joe Legend mentioned an interest in NBA assistant coaches as replacement candidates for Carlisle. But Carlisle took it a step further and mentioned an NBA assistant by name. Both LJL and Carlisle are adamant that their discussion about Carlisle's <s>firing</s> parting of the ways with the Pacers was about two friends coming to a mutual understanding. Since the discussion was so friendly, we can only assume LJL picked Carlisle's brain about potential coaching candidates.

Carlisle mentioned Mark Iavaroni and Sam Mitchell which he could've revealed after a discussion with me. But he also threw out Tony Brown, an assistant coach for the Celtics which was a name a little further off the beaten path of coaching candidates. Brown has been involved with some great teams in Detroit and Portland. Depending on how things unfold the Pacers may need to roll the dice on an assistant and Brown would certainly be worthy of the opportunity.

I'm assuming Sam Mitchell is option number one. They'll probably make Mark Jackson turn them down, but after that I'd be willing to take a chance on a Tony Brown instead of bringing in a Del Harris or Rick Adelman. Harris and Adelman have been solid coaches in the past but have a known shelf life. I'd rather get behind a young team with a young coach grinding to make his mark in the league.

Also, according to the linked article above, the league is looking into tampering issues since Carlisle mentioned potential coaches who are still currently under contract. That case seems a little flimsy since Carlisle had been fired. If he was no longer the Pacers' coach how could his comments equate to the Pacers publicly expressing interest in a coach under contract? Although, the way things have gone this year if there is any way for the Pacers to get punished over a former coach's comments, then I'm sure it will happen.