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Defense of Carlisle Appreciated But...

I really appreciate Big Blue Shoes' views on Rick Carlisle. His diary is as strong a defense of Carlisle as I've seen and let's face it, BBS taps into common sense to lay out his argument.

My issue with Carlisle and why I'd like to see a coaching change doesn't have a much to do with Carlisle in particular. He was just at the helm through the past few years while all of the head-shaking events on and off the court have piled up. In dealing with these issure, he's had to go through his arsenal of motivational ploys. Other than a full roster flush and refill, there's no way to avoid having the players hear the same voice that is easily associated with bad times (again, nowhere near all Carlisle's fault). That is the reason a new voice is needed.

The uncertainty of a new coach is a risk, but I think it is equally risky to hope the current roster will respond to the Carlisle's voice again when his words are associated with the problems and turmoil endured over the past couple of years.

I realize the risk involved in letting a solid coaching talent move on, but the Pacers need to take some chances and hope for the best to move the team in a new direction. The sooner the better.