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Wizards 98, Pacers 95: Offseason Intrigue Already Rolling

The Pacers season came to an end tonight with a non-descript loss to the Washington Wizards, 98-95. The game was tied with about a minute to go but in a fitting end to the season, the Pacers missed a couple of free throws and then threw away their final possession without getting a shot.

After the game, Rick Carlisle put on a good face but looked like he had no idea what to do. He looked like a guy who knew this was his last game on the Pacers sidelines. Considering Donnie Walsh's pre-game press release Carlisle is probably well aware of the direction Walsh and Larry Joe Legend are leaning.

According to Walsh they will be ready to discuss the direction of the team by early next week. Despite their explanation that they will meet privately and then with all of the players and basketball personnel, there's no way they'd be promising an announcement next week without having a game plan already in place.

I'm pumped, I thought we may have to wait around for the lottery before anything drastic happens. Considering the immediacy of announcement, or announcements as Walsh's release reads, Carlisle must be headed out of town or at least upstairs.  I'm completely on board with a coaching change, not because I don't think Carlisle can coach, but his voice as the leader of this team has run its course. The sooner he's out the sooner they can move on a replacement.

Ah, stay tuned, this offseason should be far more entertaining than the just completed regular season. At least it is off to a good start.