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Open Thread: SBNation Rookie of the Year Voting

Now is the time to start voting for the 2006-07 NBA Rookie of the Year - SBNation style.  Login and list your top three candidates for R.O.Y. Yes, I'm dropping subliminal hints for number one on your list, although my man Brandon Roy shouldn't need any help at the polls.

There weren't many outstanding rookie performances around the league this year, but there were a solid handful of candidates that merit a look. Aside from BRoy, Andrea Bargnani, Rudy Gay, LaMarcus Aldridge all showed stretches of greatness. Pacer fans may think Adam Morrison should be included considering how he lit up the Pacers. Please do a little further research on Ammo's year.

Voting is open until next Monday at midnight. The results will be posted on Green Bandwagon the following day.