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Open Game Thread: Pacers vs. Hawks

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The Pacers officially shut down J.O. for the remaining two games of the season. No surprise since he's been running on fumes anyway. At least he ended his season with a decent game in front of the home fans, scoring 20 points in the loss to the Nets. Could that be his last game as a Pacer?

Jeff Foster will also sit out tonight's game against the Hawks. Ike Diogu will get plenty of action tonight which will be an incentive for me to watch. What will happen first - Ike scoring 20 points or Ike fouling out? The cat gets no calls and seems to collect fouls in bunches.

The Hawks don't have to worry about winning tonight and jeopardizing their claim on the Pacers #1 pick. The Pacers are locked out of the top ten worst records, so only a magic ping pong ball can keep the Hawks from claiming the pick. Just to add insult to injury, currently speculates that Mike Conley, Jr. would go to the Hawks with the Pacers pick. Ouch. You think the Pacers could use a local kid with a good head on his shoulders who also makes great decisions with the ball in his hands and is quick enough to break down defenders off the dribble? Maybe.