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Pacers Reality Kicks In

What in the world is going on in my life? Last night I watched the Pacers follow a familiar script and stop scoring in the last three minutes of their loss to the Heat. It appeared they were on their way to a big, road win that would put some nice pressure on Orlando. Instead the game turned out to be a playoff test drive for the Heat and Dwyane Wade in particular. Wade's shoulder isn't 100% but it is certainly healthy enough for to shoulder the load down the stretch. Was it just me, or did he score on ten straight possessions? Meanwhile, no one could get a big bucket for the Pacers. Things were so bad, I was bummed when Ike fouled out and was replaced by J.O.

After the game, I abstained from the keyboard because I had a pre-dawn wake up call to make sure the family van was headed home early for the 12 hour drive home. I knew I'd be up too late if I started spilling my thoughts. So, after a dominant performance at the wheel today, we made it home in well under 12 hours (hey, you try that with a 5 and 2 year-old and a wife who hates road trips).  Back home and back to reality, I think. It is freakin' snowing real flakes tonight. I drove home in sandals and shorts. This ain't right.

Pacers reality isn't any better. The Magic have beaten the Sixers tonight so the Pacers are down 2 games with 3 to go. Oh, and the Magic play the Celtics tomorrow so the Blue and Gold are left hoping for a miracle at this point. I'm still looking forward to taking the boy to the game tomorrow. He lives play-to-play with the Pacers, aware of the score but not the standings. I will follow his lead tomorrow.