Keeping Pace

Well, the reverse psychology didn't work.   I tuned into SportsCenter around 630PM and noticed the following scrawl across the Ticker: "Bucks G Michael Redd to miss rest of season". Where's my bookie when I need him? Yikes.

Final result was as predicted: Orlando in a walk.. Redd's absence is especially noteworthy in games in which the Bucks defense is absent as well.  Nothing like going into a shoot-out without your top gun.  Oh well.  We knew the Magic wouldn't lose EVERY game down the stretch.  Now's the time to keep pace in Philly .

Not much in the Philly papers about the 76'ers.  Nice bit on the new AI and his commitment to defense.  Might be required reading for the young Rebs next year.

Sixers are sneaky.  GSchindo, a Sixer fan since Doc was an intern, points out that, but for AI (the original) sitting for several games before being traded, Philly might be talking playoffs.  Andre Miller and friends are 16-14 in their last 30; not spectacular, but, over a full season, a playoff pace in the East.