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Open Game Thread: Pacers vs. Spurs

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The sense of this painful season finally winding down appears to have officially overtaken the Pacers. With injuries and the upcoming schedule, playoff hopes are a distant memory. If you are still clinging to a twig of hope, read this Pacers Notebook and start thinking about the off season. Items about Shawne Williams getting maximum minutes the rest of the way and the injury situation combine to let everyone know that the Pacers are raising the white flag.

The Spurs are in town tonight with J.O doubtful and Marquis Daniels under heavy consideration for calling it a season. The Spurs are a nightmare matchup when the Pacers are healthy and ready to go. With the current situation, it's more like the Pacers are headed into a meatgrinder.

Oh, well, more work for the youngsters now will help evaluations for the offseason. One more thing, the Pacers are one game behind the 10th overall pick in this year's draft.