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Oncourt Violence has Pacers in Court Again

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Nice hit, Boomer
(Photo: Mpozi Mshale Tolbert / The Star)

As the Pacers' season continues plunging in a downward spiral, I keep thinking things have hit rock bottom only to find out there's more available depth.  So just where is rock bottom? As my sharp shooting five year-old would say on a road trip, "Are we there, yet? Are we there, yet?"

Well, I think we've hit something solid. A seventh straight loss, J.O. out with a knee injury, and now this: Boomer, the mascot, and the Pacers organization are getting sued by a fan. Go ahead, laugh and shake your head at the same time, it's easy to do.

In his lawsuit, Adams County resident Nathaniel Jackson says he attended the March 11, 2005, game against Golden State and was asked to participate in a free-throw shooting contest during a time out.

He initially declined, citing his recent back surgery but was assured "there would be no reason for concern or injury," according to the lawsuit.

After the contest, the lawsuit says, he began to leave the basketball court but was tackled by the mascot. The employee who knew about the surgery told the mascot about the surgery, and Boomer responded by kicking at Jackson's legs, the lawsuit says.

Jackson actually has a decent complaint there, unless he's exaggerating his back injury. As I mentioned on JMV's show this afternoon, I hope this thing goes to trial. Picture Boomer at the defendants table and Jackson wearing a back brace in the witness chair. Then, Donnie Walsh sneaks up on the other side of the room and throws his brief case flat on the floor, startling Jackson enough to jump up and turn around, thus exposing his back problems as a fraud. Just taking a page out of Mike Brady's play book when he exposed Mr. Duggan as a fraud for claiming Carol injured his neck in a fender bender. Props to JMV for coming up with Duggan's name instantly.

Just like the players, whatever the outcome, the PR damage is already done. Nice work, Boomer. I'm not a cat person anyway, hopefully the Pacers will suspend Boomer and give Bowser the starting role.