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Kings 102, Pacers 98: Pacers Only Half Bad

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Well, at least the Pacers showed a little fight. That doesn't count for much in the NBA if it doesn't come with a W, but with the losses mounting like empty Bud bottles at the 8 Second Saloon, any sign of life is a positive. Here is Mark Montieth's game story. Other points:

  • The Pacers came out strong in the first quarter and until the last minute played the Kings even. Jamaal Tinsley played like a man possessed early on, pushing the ball for easy baskets.
  • Bad Tins made his appearance though, with maddening turnovers and off target 3-balls. He wasn't alone in the second quarter as the Pacers went to the break with at least ten turnovers and a 15 point deficit.
  • After falling down by 20 early in the third, the Pacers finally picked themselves up off the canvas and played like a NBA team. By the end of the game the lead was down to two but they never had a chance to tie it up.
  • First half fouls killed the Pacers as it seemed everyone had 3 at the break.
  • Kevin Martin was sensational again for the Kings, scoring 27 points. I finally figured out who he reminds me of with his odd yet effective shot, Jason McElwain. Like the autistic high school sharpshooter, Martin has a strange little shot that get up before you know it and usually finds the bottom of the net.
  • Mike Dunleavy had a solid shooting night, making 10-14 FGs and finishing with 24 points.
  • No rest for the weary as the Pacers travel to Utah to face a Jazz team that is a matchup nightmare for the blue and gold. After losing six in a row the Pacers are two games below .500 and only two games from falling out of playoff position. We've long passed must win status for games, so despite the backs-to-the-wall status, I'm not expecting a win against Utah. But since they have to play anyways, a W sure would be nice.