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Come on, Ronnie!

Another sad tale in the Ron Artest saga unfolded today when he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Usually Artest's blowups are confined to the context of screwing up his team with selfish or moronic behavior. But this crosses a line where there's no defense.

Naturally, the Pacers are in Sactown so they will all get asked to comment on the situation. Any quotes they give will be heard over the lowlights from the Palace Brawl. At least is appears the Artest won't be near the court for the Pacers game tomorrow night.

"The Kings have excused Ron Artest indefinitely from any further participation with the team due to his arrest today for domestic violence," said a statement from president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie. "The Kings will continue to accumulate reliable and official facts and information over the next several days before taking any further action."

(shaking head...)

[UPDATE: Check out Sactown Royalty for the latest on the situation]