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Open Game Thread: Pacers vs. Clipper

Good thing I'm not playing, I still haven't recovered from last night's thumping. Although, I guess if I could actually do something about the losing streak I'd be fired up and ready to go. That's not too much to ask of the blue and gold tonight, is it? Here's Bruno's preview.

Bruno is advocating a new starting lineup to shake up the offense. Is he foreshadowing a little lineup change based on some inside information? I'm game for about anything at this point. Just keep trying.

Looks like Sam Cassell will also be out for the Clippers. Might mean some minutes for D-League call up Will Conroy. I'm real familiar with Conroy and the kid is tough as nails. Like so many guys (including a few on the Pacers) he's a jump shot away from being a solid NBA player. He's kept the NBA dream alive even after enduring a long rehab from a leg injury in 2005. Nice to see him get some burn on the NBA stage.

Leave your thoughts on the game right here.