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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Clippers

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The Pacers take on the Clippers tonight in L.A. with hope and playoff positioning slipping through their fingers. After losing four straight games, somehow the Pacers would still be a 6 seed if the playoff started today. But, they're only .5 games from dropping to a 7 seed and 2.5 games from being out of the playoffs altogether.

The health of the Pacers is about as solid as their playoff outlook. J.O. is still hobbling around on his bad knee. According to this Pacers Notebook, Marquis Daniels is not going to play Saturday night in order to rest his knee.

On the positive side (I'm trying), the Pacers did beat the Clippers, 94-80, in their only other meeting this year. Mike Dunleavy really stuck it to his Dad's team that night, so maybe having Pops coaching the other team will bring out another solid performance from Mike D.  Plus, the Clippers aren't exactly on fire either. They're 4-6 in their last 10 and lost on Thursday night to Seattle. The Clips also had to endure a horrific knee injury by promising (at least that's what they keep saying) young guard, Shaun Livingston.

The Pacers have struggled lately with 'Quis in street clothes, so I'm prepared for about anything out of this team tonight. Don't forget to check out the confident voice of ClipperSteve at Clips Nation. We're gambling big words in full sentences on the outcome of tonight's game. Look here to see his take on the Pacers tomorrow.