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Trial Set for Tinsley and Daniels

Apparently Tins and 'Quis don't need to be present for their 8 Seconds Saloon trial on May 22nd. Fortunately, I'm not familiar with the justice system, but wouldn't you want to be present for a trial that involves felony charge? Obviously a sterling reputation isn't a top priority for Tins, but you'd think he'd want to know everything that was going on in the trial. We can all agree that the Pacers probably won't make it to the Eastern Conference finals which will probably be going on around May 22nd, so work obligation shouldn't been an issue. I don't know all of the details so maybe someone more familiar with these types of trials could help me out. Hopefully the whole things gets plea bargained out of court and the 8 Seconds Saloon can add a Tinsley wing to the bar.