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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Cavaliers

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The Pacers welcome LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Fieldhouse tomorrow night. Rumor has it there will be a cow milking contest at some point in the evening featuring some local broadcast personalities and Billy Keller. Let's hope this little stunt isn't the highlight of the evening.

Bob Kravitz summed up my feelings on Rick Carlisle perfectly today. For the team to move forward, RC has to go. That opinion is not held to pin the blame on Carlisle for the state of the current team, far from it. Considering the situations that arose out of his control, RC's done a pretty amazing job. But, he has too much history with these guys and did handle some situations poorly. So, for everyone's sake a fresh start next year is needed. Here's how Kravitz finishes the column:

Let's face it: Carlisle has been forced to deal with three first-ballot candidates for the Knucklehead Hall of Fame. Artest has his own wing, as you know. Stephen Jackson? Temperamental is a kind word. Tinsley? Don't get me started . . . again.
For those of you who are convinced Carlisle is the reason the Pacers are headed toward their worst season since 1988-89, tell me, whom would you recommend as Carlisle's successor?

If Carlisle gets dumped, I have a perfect candidate.


Larry Bird.

I think Kravitz is looking for a just punishment for Larry Joe Legend's front office fumbles.