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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Bulls

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A few items of interest while still basking in the glow of Friday night's win.

  • When I heard Alonzo Mourning was unavailable last night I thought things COULD move in the Pacers' favor. Zo has always caused the Pacers more problems than Shaq for some reason. The way the game played out though, Zo wouldn't have made a difference. The Heat still would've been down 20 by the time he got in the game.
  • Nice to see Dunleavy used the tried and true method of hard work to gain confidence in his outside shot. If you read closely there is even a compliment for the much maligned Coach Carlisle in there.
    "I've gotten comfortable with the surroundings here at Conseco," said Dunleavy, who has hit 45.5 percent of his shots for the season. "It feels like I'm shooting the ball the same way every time.

    "When I first came here, I was struggling a little bit, for a lot of reasons. But mainly I didn't have good form. Rick helped me with that a lot. Shooting is just repetition, just getting in the gym and getting repetitions up."
  • It took a bit longer than expected, but Stephen Jackson blew up and was tossed from the Golden State game on Friday night. His ejection came in the first quarter but the Warriors had plenty of firepower to cover for Jack, beating the Wizards 135-128.
  • The grass is no longer greener for Runi out in the Bay Area. With the DNP-Coaches Decisions stacking up, Saras laments not getting re-gifted to another team before the trade deadline and doesn't plan to be in Golden State next year. I'm sure the feeling is mutual. (Hat Tip: HoopsHype)