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Pacers 40th Anniversary Team Taking Shape has an update on the fan voting for the 40th Anniversary Team. The top twelve vote-getters from the 40 potential players will be named to the ceremonial team. As of March 12th, Special K was holding down the twelfth spot with a slim lead over Darnell Hillman. A look at the current "standings" reveals the team is a little 90's heavy with all five starters from the late 90's team that nearly took down Jordan appear firmly entrenched on the team right now. Clark Kellogg should use his bully pulpit as a talking head on CBS's NCAA Tournament coverage to push his candidacy. I voted for Hillman, too, so I'd love to see the King of the Old School 'Fro get his due for his game. Personally, I'd remove Antonio Davis to make room for Hillman. AD was an awesome role player for some great teams but I think his team is already well represented.

Voting closes on April 3rd so there is still time to vote here. Who do you think should be on the team? Here's the vote tally as of March 12th. Check out #20 (no I didn't stuff the ballot box for Ronnie)!