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Catching Up

After being on the road, I've been catching up on the goings on with the Pacers and the NBA in gerneral. Here are some items of interest that have a Pacers' angle:

  • The Bucks fired Terry Stotts which has piqued the interest of more than a few Pacers fans hoping coaching changes come in bunches in the Central Division. Matt Wilson put all of the pieces together to reveal there was more to Stotts firing than simply the Bucks' record. Stotts certainly endured more health problems this year than Carlisle has had to deal with. Of course, the Bucks record is worse than the Pacers (give it time) so their desire to change directions was more than warranted. Enough is enough.
  • Scot Pollard caught some static for dipping into his bizarre sense of humor and saying, "Hey kids, do drugs." This happened during the Pacers game at Cleveland which helped Pollard quickly clean up his image. He was already set to come to town today for a basketball program at John Marshall Middle School. Pretty nice off-day effort to come in from Cleveland to keep his local ties strong.
  • Mike Wells takes another look at the Warriors-Pacers trade at Pacers Insider. Now that the Warriors are thinking playoffs and the Pacers aren't it looks worse. Just remember, the direction the Pacers were heading with Jack and Al wasn't leading anywhere promising, so the Pacers may be worse for the season but not the long term.