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Timberwolves 86, Pacers 81: Loss Worthy of Barf-O-Rama

So I'm in the Bay Area, sick as a dog and I'm trying to keep food from blasting out from whence it came. I check the Pacers score at the half and think, this may be the night the streak ends. Tinsley is taking over and surely someone else will step up.

But, wait, I should be wanting the losses to keep piling up at this point. It really is the only way to build some value for the future. But my visceral reaction to the Pacers' lead at the half is excitement.

I go out and try to eat some dinner, but it just ain't happening as my health continues to head south. Unable to touch my dinner for fear of setting off a complete and total barf-o-rama in the restaurant, I make it back to my room ready to get in the fetal position and hope for a better day.

But I made the mistake of checking the final score. Huh? Outscored in the fourth by 14 but only lose by five? Tinsley must've went in the tank. Nope, career game from JT with 37 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds. He even coaxed in four 3-balls. That's LoNny material.

Murphy? Granger? Dunleavy? Ike? Anyone! Feel free to step up and make a play to win a game. Now, that is sickening. Still, I was alright until I read this recap and the quote from young, rook, Shawne Williams.

They went 7:02 without a point and are in the middle of their longest losing streak since they dropped 12 in a row in 1989.

"I'm kind of used to it," Pacers rookie Shawne Williams said with a shrug. "But it's hard to be up 14 points and still lose the game. We have to stick together and keep our heads up."

I know he meant no harm, but the "I'm kind of used to it" line sent me running to the bathroom. This is the most damning comment yet for Carlisle. The team is lost and needs to hear a new voice it doesn't associate with losing.