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Cavaliers 99, Pacers 88: It's OK to Scream

"Ho hum, another easy two. Who is that, Murphy? Nice try, Murph. Hee hee." (Photo: AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Before we go on, may I suggest that you take a minute to scream at the top of your lungs for about ten seconds...there didn't that feel good. If you're following the Pacers then you no doubt feel the same claustrophobic feelings I do and need to release a little pent up anxiety. Claustrophobic feelings you ask? Well, yes, the Pacers are smothered in losses and with the current health of the team, looking forward to a win is useless. Plus, the Pacers have no draft picks and some major contracts making opportunities to change the direction of the roster extremely hard to find. So, at this point the Pacers as a franchise are stuck in an elevator.

Now, at the pace the losses are accumulating, the Pacers may end up with a draft pick, since the pick they sent Atlanta was top 10 protected. Incredibly, that is not out of the questions. Jermaine O'Neal is going to have to come back pretty healthy and ready to roll to halt the current free fall. Unfortunately, I've lost my ability to project positive outcomes.

Oh, yeah -- the Pacers were rolled in Cleveland Sunday evening, 99-88. Only an 11 point loss, not too bad, you say? Sorry, this was a 18-20 point loss that shrunk late. The Pacers hung for the first six minutes of the game and then were buried. The poor shooting returned led by Troy Murphy's 2-11 effort. The Pacers as a team were 0-9 from 3 land. Granger was 5-15 and had one rebound. Jamaal Tinsley returned to the lineup only to have more turnovers (6) than points (4).

Excuse me, since the kids are asleep I need to go outside to scream again.