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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Suns

The Pacers head to the Valley of the Sun for a Friday night rematch with Phoenix. Unfortunately, their hopes for a promising season and solid playoff seed appear headed for Death Valley instead. Overreaction? Maybe. This is the East after all. You can absorb some minor losing streaks without losing playoff position.

The problem for the Pacers is, the recent play of anyone who doesn't wear number 7, generates zero confidence among anyone who follow this team closely.  Golden opportunities have been laying around the Fieldhouse waiting to be seized. Yet, the Pacers have treated them like piles of dirty socks.

Mike Wells has a nice little break down of the February fruit the Pacers let rot on the vine.

Rather than take advantage of being at home, the Pacers were an unimpressive 8-6 there. What's going to hurt them later is losses to Golden State, Seattle, Denver and the Ron Artest-less Sacramento Kings.

Naturally, Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw were not available for the Suns' game against Philly. I'm sure they'll be ready to go for the Pacers on Friday.  The Suns have such a tight playing rotation that missing one or two guys can have a big impact.

Here is Bruno's preview for Friday's game.  Of note, Jamaal Tinsley didn't practice on Thursday so his status is uncertain for the game on Friday. No word on Jermaine O'Neal's balky knee. We'll assume he'll continue to play through the discomfort and with a couple of days off he should be on the floor.

Don't forget to check out Bright Side of the Sun. Let 'em know it's OK to lose ONE road game to the East.