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Open Game Thread: Pacers vs. Kings

Ron Artest isn't the only former Pacer to return to the Fieldhouse with the Kings Sunday night. This game will truly serve as a homecoming for former Pacer Center Brad Miller. Miller hails from Kendallville, Indiana and played on some good teams at Purdue University. In college, he seemed to play better his first two years when he was simply a role player. When it was his time to step up and lead his production wasn't what it needed to be. I think that's held true in his pro career. He's a great second or third option. He'll rebound and can pass well. Every great team needs the piece to the puzzle that Miller provides.

At this time, I don't expect to see Marquis Daniels play. Hopefully there are no other surprise game time decisions. Since the game is going national on ESPN that should give a little extra incentive for everyone to lace 'em up.

Speaking of Purdue, "sk." on Purdue's Rivals site made me laugh out loud this afternoon. A current freshman player was suspended for being nailed with a Public Intox last week. Since this is a Purdue board, "boilerbill96" made a crack about the player getting two more and then qualifying for an IU scholly. Well, "sk." backed that up by posting, 3 more and he will land a contract with the Pacers.

With that, please share your comments on the game, favorite Artest moment, trouble Brad Miller escaped without getting caught at Purdue or Kendallville. On second thought, hold the Miller stories, I'm afraid the timeline will have the transgressions happening when he was on the Pacers' roster.