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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Kings

Our old friend, Ronnie Artest comes to town Sunday night as his Sacramento Kings take on the Pacers. I'm a sucker for Ron-Ron, love his odd style of play, and look forward to watching him play again. One of the reasons I love the guy are his strange, playful comments in the media. He can get rambling around trying to turn a negative topic into a positive one and before you know it, you think he's right but really you have no idea what he just said.

There's a little of that flavor in this article from the Sacramento Bee. Artest tries to justify poor shot selection (a Ronnie staple) by using Allen Iverson as an example of a successful player with a poor shooting percentage. Hmmm, the success of A.I.'s team hasn't always been stellar. Ronnie prefers "feel" to stats, not minding a 3-20 night if one of the three provides the game winner. But wouldn't a few better shots or at least more makes render that game winner unnecessary. He finishes it off with a great quote saying he has no problem with a perceived slight although he it appears he does have a problem with the slight.

"Early on, I was hurt (physically)," he said. "People were like, 'Ron can't score.' I said, It's cool. I read one of Marty (McNeal's) columns saying Ron Artest is not that good a scorer. Kevin (Martin) and Mike (Bibby)are the best scorers on the team, which I didn't have a problem with. But the fact is, I can score.

"I averaged 20-plus in the league before, averaged 18-plus, averaged 20 in the playoffs. I can score that rock."

Please don't misread the intentions of this post. I don't miss the day-to-day drama that was never far away with Artest on the roster. But it is nice to see these reminders of the entertainment value he provided at times.

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