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Pacers' Bright Side Still Pretty Dim

Here's another indictment story with quotes from the lawyers defending Tinsley and Daniels. Sounds like they're sticking with the not guilty route, but the legal issues really aren't the story here. Any felony is obviously a serious charge, but it also sounds like a lot of the witnesses clammed up in front of the grand jury. Most of this will probably play out in the off-season and if guilty these guys will pay their debt to society.

The bigger issue is the Pacers' public image taking another hit it just couldn't handle. They want to believe the players' side of the story. In their public statement the Pacers requested that the media treat the case fairly and not rush to convict. On JMV's drive time radio show this afternoon he and WTHR-13's Dave Callabro both mentioned how the Pacers were giving them grief about the way they were handling the case. This was prior to the indictments today.

The Pacers organization is touchy and they should be. The empty green seats at Conseco Fieldhouse are spreading like ivy. Apathy is strangling outrage, let alone passion, among many fans and it will take a whole lotta wins down the stretch to even begin to change that attitude.

So where do we go from here? Well, excuse me while I put on my rosy glasses. Indictments on trade deadline eve mean Tins and 'Quis being moved is highly unlikely. So, since they are here and under the scrutiny of the courts, you have to imagine they'll be on their best behavior and the Pacers will get a strong effort from both while in their sanctuary on the court. They are key players to the Pacers' success, so you might as well enjoy the improved play of the team and remember they aren't all knuckleheads. At least, that's what I'm going to do for now.