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Pacers Stand by Players...for Now

The Pacers are standing by Tinsley and Daniels for now. Updated story with Pacers' statement here.

"Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels have steadfastly insisted they are innocent and did not engage in any unlawful or improper behavior on the night in question. A grand jury has only decided a trial is needed to determine the facts. In our system of justice a Grand Jury does not find anyone guilty of anything. This process is very different than a trial in which the proceedings are under the supervision of a judge who instructs the jury.

The indictment is not evidence of anything. We hope that going forward the media coverage will be fair and unbiased and that the public will not rush to judgment. We need to give the process time to treat everyone fairly and reach a just result. The Pacers hope the media and the public will join us in efforting the presumption of innocence to Jamaal and Marquis."