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Game Thread #53: Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

[UPDATE: Prosecutor Brizzi on WTHR-13 said he was a big Pacers fan and let the team know what was going on. Obviously, no one is above the law. Tinsley and Daniels will play in the game tonight and then surrender to authorities after the game]

As of right now, Tinsley and Daniels are slated to play. They also have to surrender to Marion County authorities at some point as a formality for their indictment. I'm assuming this will happen before the game. Not exactly the pre-game warm up of choice. Ironically, Marquis is profiled as the "quiet key to Pacers' hopes" in Bruno's preview. That key just broke off in the door.

Concerning the Pacers' opponent tonight, the Bucks are coming off a tough home loss to Detroit last night. Charlie Villanueva sat out last night's game with a sprained ankle and remains day-to-day for the game tonight. Michael Redd did play last night for the first time since January 5th. He's always a matchup problem and combined with Mo Williams and Ruben Patterson, the Bucks have plenty of fire power to cause the Pacers problems.

This is an open game thread. Please drop your thoughts on the game action.