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J.O. Survives Lopsided All-Star Game

Well, I guess that's what happens when you match D'Antoni Suns' ball with the All-Star Game. Forget 8 seconds, we're talking 5 seconds to shoot. The West kept running and shooting until suddenly they were up by 20 and never looked back. This AP recap by Brian Mahoney blames the sloppy play and lopsided game on the party atmosphere in Vegas. That's OK, they should hold the game in Vegas every year. No place does over-the-top, schlocky glitz and glamour like Vegas and it did it all right for the All-Star game. Was it just me, or is Wayne Newton's plastic surgeon using the leftover Orange Roundie material for face lifts?

As far as the Pacers are concerned, the All-Star Game was a huge success. Sure I wanted to see a close, thrill-filled game worthy of the Vegas hype. But my priority for the game revolved around NOT seeing Jermaine O'Neal in a heap on the floor, clutching his knee.  So, from that perspective, mission accomplished. J.O. finished with 8 points and 7 rebounds. He also added to the bizarre sloppiness of the game by accidentally tipping in a rebound attempt for a West basket shortly after he entered the game.

Two more days of rest (with no arrests) and the Pacers should be ready to go against Bucks on Wednesday.