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Point Guard Move to Consider

Point guard remains the one position the Pacers haven't tinkered with this year. Still, Jamaal Tinsley remains an enigma running the show. At times he delivers jaw dropping production, carrying the team for long stretches. Other times he's careless with the ball and displays a body language that conveys a serious disinterest in the task at hand. These fluctuations often happen during the same game making every game a 48 minute crap shoot. JT's play combined with his off-court actions are certainly contributing to the increased count of empty seats at the Fieldhouse.

So, do the Pacers have any deals left in the tank? If so, I'd think it would involve the point guard position. Mark Montieth brings up a candidate in Chucky Atkins. He makes a good case for why the Pacers should (and may currently) consider the veteran PG.  The question now, is how would this deal happen? Tinsley would need to be part of the deal, because finding minutes for Atkins and Darrell Armstrong would be tough with Tinsley still in the mix. I'd hate to see too many more players added to the deal since there's been enough upheaval on the roster already.

In the end, I like the thought but don't see how it gets done, mainly because I don't think the Griz would want to deal with Tinsley until his off-court issues are resolved. If they are willing to deal, a look at the big picture reveals that this might be a move worth making.