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Welcome to Indy Cornrows!

Welcome to Indy Cornrows, the new home of the leading Indiana Pacers site in the NBA blogosphere. If you found your way here from the old site, check out the new digs, you're going to love it. I want to hear from everyone who stops by so please take a minute to register so you can share your thoughts with Pacers' fans around the world. You can leave comments on main page posts or create your own post in for form of a Diary.

What can you expect from Indy Cornrows? Plenty of discussion about every Pacers game and the ever changing issues surrounding the team. General NBA issues are always fair game especially when trade rumors start flying around. Also, I love reading box scores and will pick a top performer each night for the Line of the Night, which earns the player a LoNny award. With the great SB Nation logo, there's now a logo LoNny to serve as your host while visiting Indy Cornrows.

So, what about the Indy Cornrows name? Well, many years ago a fantasy league I participated in while living in D.C. saw its owners disperse to various cities around the U.S. The following year we developed names with a flavor of our new location. My new home in Indiana had several corn fields surrounding the neighborhood and with Latrell Sprewell and Allen Iverson on the roster the Cornrows name served a perfect double-meaning. The name stuck and in bringing it to the blog I think it reflects Indiana basketball at its core. There's an urban and rural juxtaposition in the logo that captures the diversity of a state that generates elite basketball talent from all corners and many points in between. If there's one thing that binds all people in Indiana, it's basketball.

After running Cornrows for a few months, I'm excited to join SB Nation and their All-Star line-up of NBA bloggers. I'm looking forward to raising my blogging game to the incredible standard they've set.