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Jamaal Tinsley Dodges Gunfire This Morning

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Jamaal Tinsley escaped harm around 3:40a.m. this morning when an assault rifle was fired into his Rolls Royce, wounding Pacers' equipment manager Joey Qatato in the elbow. Here's the Indy Star story so far.

A police statement said the incident began at a club called "Cloud 9" on West 38th Street earlier.

"The group was attempting to leave (Cloud 9) in three different vehicles, all of which belonged to Mr. Tinsley," the statement said.

"Apparently another group had gathered around one of Tinsley's vehicles in the parking lot and there was a confrontation. Tinsley's group left but realized that they were being followed so they pulled in to the Conrad downtown instead of going home."

The shooting began after they reached the hotel, police said. The Rolls Royce was struck by several bullets. A second vehicle was also hit, but no one was injured.

"The suspected weapon is a .223 assault rifle," the police statement said. Authorities are looking for gray Chrysler and a dark pickup truck.
Ugh...the curse of idle time. Having a few days off is usually a good thing, but once again, Tins and friends found a way to make everyone in town shake their head.

The initial police report makes it sound like Tins and group didn't incite whatever led to the shooting. It will be interesting to see who else was in the group with Tins. Nice move pulling into the Conrad, sounds like it could've been far worse.

There just aren't enough facts to comment on any of this, other than it won't help with the apathetic fans around town that the Pacers are trying to lure back to the Fieldhouse. Before you jump to conclusions about Tinsley and his character, remember, all we have right now is a group tracking down Tins and friends and firing on him. Please don't tell me he shouldn't be at a club, that's simply ridiculous.

Sticking with the assumptions that Tins is clean in this incident and a victim of his local celebrity status, the Pacers and Tins himself better get out the word early and often.