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Tinsley Shooting Update

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According to this WTHR report, Tinsley was out with his brothers and a few of their friends. It also appears that nothing happened in the club, it was a case of Tinsley's Rolls Royce attracting the attention of the criminal element that is known to hang out on West 38th Street.

Here an Indy Star update, as well. The Star's John Strauss appears to be all over this story. Here's the new information.

Sgt. Paul Thompson, a spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, said two of the vehicles in Tinsley's group followed the shooters in a chase to Monument Circle, and Tinsley's brother, James, returned fire at the attackers. It was unknown whether anyone was hit. Jamaal Tinlsey was not involved in the chase, Thompson said.

Authorities were called to the hotel where the initial shooting occurred at 50 W. Washington St. about 3:40 a.m.

Thompson said the incident began at a club called "Cloud 9" on West 38th Street. A group was giving members of Tinsley's crew a hard time about the expensive cars they were driving - a Mercedes, Rolls Royce and a Dodge Charger - and the amount of money they made.
A car chase with bullets flying around Monument Circle? Yikes!

According to this report, Tinsley has nothing to worry about from a legal point of view. Why these guys find themselves on West 38th Street after midnight is beyond me, so if you want to dock him for poor judgment, feel free. Cloud 9 is a stone's throw from Club Rio, where Stephen Jackson's infamous gun-firing incident occurred. That part of town is no joke after midnight.