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IC Cold Links

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Here's some day after links with reaction to the Pacers' win over the Magic:

  • Mark Montieth tells us how the Pacers put it all together at the defensive end. O'B was happy with the effort.
    "Our rotations were perfect," he said. "The first half we challenged maybe an all-time low because we weren't pressuring pick-and-rolls. The second half we did a really good job of meeting the ballhandler at the point of the pick. As a result, their passes weren't as crisp or as accurate and we were able to buy a little time getting into our rotations."

    That was especially true for Granger, who by the coaching staff's count had 15 deflections to go with four steals and two blocks.

    "I've been keeping deflections for 25 years and I've never seen anyone get their hands on the ball like that," O'Brien said. "He was all over the place defensively."
    O'B tracks those deflection numbers religiously. Little things add up in the end. Disrupting the Magic's flow 15 time is a nice number to go along with four steals.
  • Pacers Notebook
  • tells us Shawne Williams wanted to play after burying his grandmother, Celeste Williams, so Larry Joe Legend had a private jet standing by in Memphis to make it happen. Also, a funny note about Travis Diener rolling into the locker room in his old Magic jersey. He might not be hitting shots, but Diener adds to the team with his personality.
  • From the Orlando Sentinel's perspective defense was also the issue but more so the Magic's lack of playing any. The writer still doesn't appear much respect for the Pacers. 10-10 isn't a great record, but "dismal" is a bit strong.
  • Danny Granger's performance hurt the Magic even worse since they passed on Granger to take Franz Vazquez in the 2005 draft.
  • Ben at Third Quarter Collapse is at least able to give the Pacers credit for outplaying the Magic last night when it counted.
  • Check out the Jamaal Tinsley dribble-through-Hedo's-legs-for-a-layup highlight. Just can't watch it enough.